I was called into the work as a shamanic practitioner because of my ability to work with spirits that have crossed over. Ten years ago, I was at a friend’s house doing a “guided meditation” that forever changed the course of my life. A woman guided me to a safe place in nature where I was supposed to receive a vision about my life’s purpose. What I saw was the goddess Isis standing at the edge of the ocean while the sun set. She gave me the message that my purpose in life was to “help spirits cross over.” This was the gateway for me into learning the shamanic arts.

Shamanism and spirit connections
From a shamanic perspective, spirits come to me in different ways after they have died.

Yes, I am a medium

A message from beyond
A spirit will come to me with a message for you for healing. I am an open channel and in this scenario a spirit has crossed over and is looking to share a gift or wisdom with my client to support them with their healing and growth.

Answers as metaphors
If you are looking for answers to questions be aware that spirits speak in metaphor, and the answers are not always linear. Imagine you don’t have a body any more and you have crossed over and merged with the divine. You are looking down on earth and your loved ones and you see things from a different perspective. That is what I see. I see things from the perspective of spirit.

 Client outreach
Often, clients will come to me because they are suffering feelings of depression or feeling that they are not “themselves.”

In this scenario, I may meet a spirit that has died but was not able to cross over into the spirit world, and has attached themselves to the person who came in for a healing. The spirit appears to me and may be lost or confused; they don’t even realize that they have died.

Other times the spirits are stuck because they have feelings of guilt or shame and don’t feel that they are worthy to return to the light. In this case, I often perform a healing for the spirit that is crossed over and help them return to the light.

A third scenario is in the case of a traumatic incident where a spirit has died and does not even realize that they are dead. In these cases I perform healing for the ancestor or some cases friend that has died, and help them cross over to the light. This healing supports my client to release energy that does not belong to them and clear ancestral beliefs and energies that are not serving them. This type of healing may be beneficial for the entire family system.

A healing intention
The intention of the work I do is to support healing. It is to resolve ancestral beliefs and ties that are preventing you from moving forward in this life. In general, spirits come through for a reason that it is tied to supporting you with your intention, or because they are looking for support and healing in their journey.

There is no way around the difficult journey of grief. If you have lost a parent, or a friend or a grandparent, you may feel overwhelmed with anger and loss. Being able to have the space to connect to your loved one, cannot replace having them here in your life. However, it can be an incredible gift to support you on your path of healing. I look forward to connecting with you.