What is Soul Retrieval?
When there is a traumatic event, part of your soul will leave your body in order to lessen the impact. Have you ever been in a car accident and afterwards you feel kind of out of it? This is your body’s natural wisdom to support you. Every shamanic culture throughout time and across the globe has had some practice of journeying to that soul part and bringing it home. When part of your soul leaves your body, it can leave you feeling tired, depressed, empty -- you “don’t feel like yourself.”

Our rainbow soul
I watched the movie Trolls with my 6-year-old daughter. In the movie, the trolls lose their “happiness,” and become black and white. When they retrieve their “happiness,” the trolls get their color back and start to sing and dance again. I see the soul as being a rainbow. When we lose part of our soul essence, we lose part of our color, part of our sparkle that makes us the unique person we are.

Locating trauma
People often come to me and say, “Well, nothing ever traumatic has happened to me.”

Here’s a story from a client that speaks to this. She had recently moved to a new place and started a new school. On the first day of school she wore a beautiful outfit, completely purple. On the first day in a new school, everyone in the class pointed at her and laughed at her for wearing purple to school. This may not be a traumatic incident in the traditional sense of the word, however, in that moment, the purple, spunky, unique, flamboyant part of her left her body to go find somewhere that felt safe in the spirit world. And the message came in, “you need to fit in and be like everyone else.”

As an adult, she needed this spunky, unique part of herself to be the successful radiant powerful woman she was capable of being.

Getting your sparkle back
I use my drum and rattle to meet the soul part that is “ready and willing,” to come back home. I then retrieve that essence and I will blow the soul part back in to your body three times through the heart chakra and through the crown chakra.

After a soul retrieval self-care is extremely important. You may feel a variety of different emotions, your senses may seem heightened, you may feel like you are in an altered state. Whatever you are feeling after a soul retrieval know that it is completely normal and I am here for you to support you. I recommend doing what makes you feel good, eating a great meal, going for a walk in nature, taking a yoga class or a bath. Make sure to schedule time for you after a healing.